With the constant juggle of music teaching, photography and family, there hasn’t really been much time for anything else, if we’re all honest! But I’m really hopeful that, in the coming months with a little help from friends, I’ll be able to share a few interesting, original and organic audio.

Some of it has been a very long time coming (returns to projects/acts that are now well over ten years old), some of  involving exciting new collaborations with resident heroes local to The Solent. Some of it, admittedly, has been so heavily procrastinated that I think the energy and point has long since parped itself into oblivion. But hey, we’ll see…

Oh yeah, and hopefully this very post won’t condemn all possibilities and put a premature hex on it all. So I’m going to avoid going into any further detail and just leave one of those annoying ‘coming soon’ teasers. I’m just excited is all! The idea of getting into a studio environment and recording recording recording, ladies and gents, is my idea of Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one. A precious cargo for

My home: recording and playing with pals.

My home: recording and playing with pals.

the ears and soul, bundled into a box full of tambourines and microphones and presented with a jack to jack ribbon and solo mute button on top. Yummy!


If my jittery, expectant ramblings have got you intrigued and you want to check out any of the previous music projects I’ve been involved with, please visit www.gwmunday.bandcamp.com and have a little wander through the back catalogue. But be warned, these are uploads of absolutely everything I’ve done and still have a copy of, warts and all. Some audio is incredibly old and embarrassing (demos from when I was 16), but then some of it I am incredibly proud of (check The Golden Age & The Wilderness Years in particular).