Am I the only one or does the term ‘World Music’ make no sense as well as sound a wee bit condescending? Surely all music is made on the world (apart from the excellent YouTube effort by that astronaut playing David Bowie)?

Okay, so looking past that highly lazy labelling from some A&R chap, the reason I’m posting something about this musical genre is that I’m on a mission… I’ve realised how tied into certain popular music styles I was a few years back, so I’ve picked up on an old musical journey in order to find interesting, weird and wonderful music from all over the place.

The obvious starting point is that I enjoy playing and teaching samba. I’ve also reviewed world releases in the past, based around the likes of African R&B, Hindu chant music and avant garde German minimalism using unconventional instruments… But, honestly, I want the¬†tentacles to split, multiply, tangle themselves into other more twisted, strange, obscure avenues and go further into more and more possibilities and styles I’m perhaps not as used to. Find out more sounds that may test my own musical boundaries.

So… Pick a continent. Pick an instrument lead. I don’t mind; I just want ideas. If you’ve any further suggestions, please let me know! When not teaching, practising and such, I’m going to try carve time to do a little research but if you’ve any ideas, then I’m all ears…

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